Millionaire thanks to trading: Professional trader reveals his amazingly simple recipe for success

Make money and be successful on the stock markets? This seems to be a difficult and almost impossible step for many as it requires a high level of risk, the necessary years of experience and excellent knowledge of the markets. Multimillionaire and professional trader Florian S. sees things differently and caused a stir in recent months because he claims:

With my strategy anyone can make money on the stock market.

We wanted to get to the bottom of this and asked ourselves, what's behind it all. We contacted Florian and met first with him in Frankfurt am Main for a conversation so that he could explain everything to us before we finally dared to try it ourselves.

From rags to riches

Florian tells us how it all started and it seems that his story is like one directly from a movie: During his studies he kept afloat by alternating temporary jobs. "It was a tough time and I had to turn every euro twice, hoping it would get better later," says Florian today. After graduating, however, his hopes were not met immediately and only after a long time of searching, he finally found a job. "At that time it was about survival and I was glad to have finally found a job," he recalls. But the joy did not last long and soon disillusionment set in, as Florian realized no matter how hard he would work or do overtime hours, his commitment was not appreciated by his then employer and he could see in perspective, no improvement.

That was not the life I had dreamed of.

Florian was determined that he had to change something. He wanted to live a life of financial independence, do what he wants, be his own boss and enjoy some luxury. "I realized that only the stock market could help me to create my dreams," Florian told us. Already during his studies, he was interested in the stock market and trading. Due to lack of seed capital, he never dared to take the risk, but did a great deal of research. He continues: "At least I was able to gain some experience in the financial markets from my former job, and my salary provided me with the necessary seed capital to implement my ideas." Consequently, Florian tried to implement his strategies in the stock market. And he did indeed: Almost overnight his life took a dramatic turn and Florian lived his dream.

The first trade failed

"I remember exactly my first trade" Florian notes thoughtfully. "With my few savings, I put everything on one card and lost everything." Today, Florian laughs at his initial ignorance and advises:

Always follow the basic rules and trade with a clear strategy.

Giving up was never an option for him. "I just had to make it" Florian says over a cup of espresso, "and in the months that followed I managed to learn all the more about trading and the mechanisms of the markets, most importantly what to learn to improve my strategies."

The first million

A few months later, Florian sat down in front of his PC again. The first trade is a complete success: he doubled his capital. The next trades are also successful and he continues to increase his capital. "I realized that all my trades had three very specific criteria in common and that I was able to complete my previously developed strategies." Florian recalls, then wondering, "Is that it? Did I find what I was looking for." We are curious to see what happens next. "To find out, I've done many more trades with this strategy."
And he was right:

Over the next twelve months, Florian achieved a profit of over one million euros with his trading strategy.

Today, Florian is a stock market professional – so to speak, a rock star of the financial world. "I have to admit that I am quite media-shy," Florian tells us with a smile. "You are the first to whom I am giving an interview to." When we wanted to know what we deserved to get this honor of receiving such information, Florian surprised us: "After all that I've gone through, I want to help other people with my strategy, and that's best done with the help of the media."

A success recipe for everyone

We ask him what is special about his strategy. He then tells us that anyone can easily do it at home – even without previous knowledge or experience.
But why does Florian share his secret of success? His answer is obvious:

The stock market offers enough money for everyone. My cake does not get smaller. So why not help other people to make money as well?

"Also with us?", we ask him. "With anyone who wants to make money on the stock market," he replies without hesitation. That's the reason why he decided to share his proven strategy. He tells us that coaching has become his passion and that he has helped many friends out of debt and into financial independence. With his help, his brother has become a millionaire too. Since he has always received inquiries and requests for help from his environment, he had a brilliant idea: "That's why I got the idea with the Telegram Group, in which I reveal and share my trades, analysis results and trends every day and my friends and acquaintances just follow me.

It's so easy to make money with the right trading strategy. You just have to know how to do it.

Currently, this Telegram Group is accessible free of charge to anyone who is interested. "I just want to help as many people as possible," explains Florian. We can not wait and now we want to try it out for ourselves.

The self-experiment

Now, the time has come: How far can we get with a starting capital of 300 euros?
The free registration to Florian's group only takes a few minutes. We then quickly received the invitation link for the group and are now a member. Now we can start and see the actions, trends and news from Florian. Nevertheless, we remain skeptical at first. It sounds too good to be true.

We are quickly convinced of the opposite: Soon we receive the first message in the group. Florian has executed a trade. We do not hesitate and follow him.

The result? A rich 352 euros in profit. Also, the next trades are successful as well, both on the PC and on the road via a smartphone. We can hardly believe it:

Screenshot of our trading account after 10 days

Within only 10 days, we were able to raise our initial capital of 300 euros to as much as 4,322 euros. Florian's strategy actually seems to work.

The Telegram Group

In order to join the group and follow the free signals and tips of pro-trader Florian, only a short registration in Telegram is required:

We are thrilled how easy it is to follow this recipe for success and can recommend it to anyone with a clear conscience! Florian has pointed out to us that he is very happy to answer any questions or inquiries via the link in the automatic registration (a contact option is available).

You don't have Telegram yet? Telegram is a free messenger app that you can easily download from your mobile phone's app store. More information can be found at:

Please note that we can, of course, not guarantee that your result will match exactly ours if you use described strategy. You can even get a better or a worse result in the same time period. This usually depends on the indvidual situation of the stock markets as well as how conscientious and precise you actually follow the strategy and execute the trades on your trading account. This website does not represent individual investment advice.